The Roses

Below, the colour of the fragrant yellow daylily blends well with the bright pink of my new shrub rose “Carefree Wonder”. I bought 3 new shrub roses and have waited until each one bloomed to help me decide where to put them.  I rinsed the rose bloom before putting it in water.


     Here’s the first big bloom of June. This is from a store-bought peony I recently planted. Pretty and fragrant too!  Peonies can grow quite large (3-4 ft. x 3-4 ft.) and will need the support of a peony ring if you wish to keep the huge flower heads upright. Some people like the sprawling effect.  They bloom from early to mid-summer. Peonies can live for 20 or more years in the same spot! They don’t like being kept wet but are otherwise easy to grow. Planting is the key. Plant at the same level it was grown in the pot. Too high or too deep and it won’t grow.