Winter Slumber

The season is over. I feel I started off well and fixed many things in the garden I had been putting off but I also faded out at the end. Now my garden looks like this until spring. In the meantime I will post here on occasion but my focus will now shift to my other blog – Kathy’s Kiosk. There I continue to show and tell about life in the country and also about my life as a volunteer at the Medicine River Wildlife Centre.

Amy, the Gardening Dog

Amy loved to pose. I’m convinced that she knew exactly what a camera was and what she had to do. 











 Here Amy poses with a flower cart – a recent addition to my lawn ornaments.  Or is Amy the lawn ornament?



                           An even better closeup of Amy with the flower arrangements of that season.  Of course, the arrangements vary from year to year.  Amy never seemed to age – very puppy-ish.



                       Rest in Peace my Beautiful Amy.