The Yard in General

There’s a serious stand-off happening between a deer and my cat. Wildlife often cruise by in that spot.


Time to prune my John Cabot hardy climbing rose.


Fall colours. Time to clean up.


These are the poplars that make up my windbreak. Not a good choice. They grow quickly but die young and send out suckers everywhere for long distances.


Freshly mowed NE corner of the property. There’s white spruce, a golden weeping willow, junipers, a hardy rose bush and three weeping birch.


Here’s an often used part of the property – my two burn barrels and my composter. For those of you who don’t know what burn barrels are used for, it’s where you burn all the leftover garbage after you’ve recycled everything you can. There is no garrbage pickup out here in the country.


Here’s the rest of the nerve centre for any plant loving acreage owner – a greenhouse and a shed.


I loved having this Japanese willow ‘Hashika’ on my deck all summer. However, it died.



I keep these geraniums in their own pot and bring them inside every winter. This variety may come again but so far I haven’t seen another like it. Too bad I have no idea what the name is.


The results that I love – being able to bring in my very own rose blooms.