First Flowers!

  Here are the first flowers of the 2012 gardening season.  These daffodils are not very tall but they are very fragrant, especially the light coloured ones.  They are unusual this year in that I don’t usually see anything in the large sunny perennial bed until the end of May!

It’s Definitely Over

     We’re in the midst of the first cold spell of the winter.  It’s been in the minus mid-20’sC for the last two nights and we still have another two to go.  That means the yardwork and garden are definitely over for the year.  As usual I brought in many of the pots containing my deck displays. Some, like the geraniums, will survive to be put out next spring.  The rest were because I couldn’t stand to let them all go.

The Season is Over

     Not a very good year for gardening this year.  First of all, my beautiful dog, Amy, died.  The spring and most of the summer was rainy and cold which did in my petunias in containers. (Money wasted there.)   The geraniums handled the weather better.  This was the first time I planted nemesia and I’ve fallen in love with this plant – it bloomed all summer! 

     Now that it’s fall the beautiful weather has kicked in.  Some plants in the big perennial bed have decided to bloom again, like the lupines.   However, I did finally build some new doors for the greenhouse which are doing fine and should make a difference for the winter.   They certainly look better!  So, all in all, I’ll just have to hope the weather next year will be a little better!

The Garden 2011–mid July

    I had the best of intentions for doing a lot of work in the big perennial bed this season.  So far, I’ve only been in to do a thorough weeding once and have been picking away at it ever since.  The main problem this year has been the fairly constant rainfall with a big hail storm a few nights ago.


It’s mostly lupines putting on the big show at the moment.






Here there’s a glimpse of blue catmint and salvia, the brilliant red of Maltese Cross with pale yellow lupines.      

004.resized    004.cropped.resized


I only planted these garden phlox a few weeks ago.  Looks like they’ll be happy in this spot.

007.cropped.resized    007.cropped.02.resized


Shrub rose time is here.  These are the latest batch of blooms. They’re starting to look a little ragged.  It’s one of my favourite parts of summer – wandering around the property in the evenings collecting roses.

rosebowl04   rosebowl02